Human Rebuild personal training is science based as much as it is individual based.* Results may vary upon the individual. At the foundation, we are results-driven and will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals.* Our personal training program is for anyone who has been struggling to achieve the results they desire and are seeking something more personalized.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Whether your goal is to lose pounds of fat and tone up and build muscle, Human Rebuild is equipped to handle any fitness goal you desire.* Results may vary upon the individual. We use our diagnostic lab testing, DEXA Body Scan testing, Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing and VO2 Max Testing to establish a baseline and to identify the individual’s unique metabolic and physical characteristics and body type.* Results may vary upon the individual.

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Our personal training program continuously challenges our clients both physically and nutritionally, in order to prevent complacency and metabolic plateaus.*  By having access to lab testing that tests for hormone imbalances that negatively impact metabolism, I am able to help those with the most sluggish or damaged metabolisms make consistent improvements throughout the entire process.*  It is our ability to help those who do not fit the mold physically and metabolically that separates us from other personal training companies.*  Our combination of results-driven one-on-one personal training, hydrostatic body fat testing, and lab testing(only if necessary), allows us to search deeper than most and learn as much as possible about a person's makeup.*  This is why our clients get optimal results and are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain their newfound health for a lifetime!*  It is one thing to get somebody in shape, but it's another to teach people how to maintain it.*  Physical transformations are a dime a dozen, but those that are maintained for a lifetime is our measure of success.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Physical transformations are a dime a dozen, but those that are maintained for a lifetime is our measure of true success.


Exercise and nutrition are not separate things, they are co-dependent and they dramatically impact one another.  Whether you are training with us to improve strength or to lose body fat, our nutrition coaching is an important ingredient to our personal training services.*  Ultimately the goal is to help people get in the driver's seat in regards to their health and fitness, and to have an understanding of their body inside and out.  Once this happens, our work is complete and they have been rebuilt and now are their own personal trainer for life.*

Here Is What we can Do For You* Results may vary upon the individual.

  • One-on-one personal training sessions 3-4 per week
  • Detailed screening process that includes; Diagnostic Lab Testing (Metabolic, Hormone, Immune, Digestive Systems)Hydrostatic Body-fat testing or DEXA body scan testing and VO2 Max Testing
  • Specific exercise and cardio designed for your days you are not with your trainer
  • Customized nutrition plan, weekly shopping lists, guidance and support
  • Stress-reduction techniques
  • Progress tracking with Monthly body-fat testing and fitness testing


  • Fat loss* Results may vary upon the individual.
  • Toning/Sculpting*
  • Muscle gain*
  • Outdoor Functional Training
  • Strongman Training
  • Power-Lifting
  • Core and Flexibility training
  • Obstacle Course Training
  • Marathon/Ultra-Marathon Endurance Training
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Pre/Post natal Training
  • Training 60+ year old clientele
  • Injury Rehabilitation*
  • Kids and Adolescents Training
  • Drug Addiction (Post-Rehab)

What do the results look like? 

  • Reach and Maintain a healthy body composition/percentage* Results may vary upon the individual.
  • Improved overall health and fitness levels*
  • Improved core strength, flexibility, and posture*
  • Optimal functioning metabolism*
  • Balanced hormone levels*
  • Increased energy levels*
  • Enhanced mind, body and spirit and a newfound self esteem*
  • Learn the right way to exercise for your body type*
  • Learn the right way to eat for your body type*
  • Self awareness: (a journey of this magnitude can be life altering and one usually discovers a better sense of who they really are)*
  • See the results for yourself (make link to the before and after pictures)*

Here Is What You Should Do Next

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  • Every journey starts with a first step.