Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching at Human Rebuild is individually based in order to fit our client’s unique biochemistry.  Every human being is designed with various metabolic tendencies, and attempting to discover what nutrition plan works for you without knowing your own specific metabolic tendencies is like going down a long dark tunnel without a flashlight.

By having the ability to test for unique metabolic characteristics, I am equipped with the flashlight that can guide you out of the dark tunnel you have been stuck in.  When the flashlight is used properly, it will shed light on endless possibilities and unveil the road map to lasting success.

Along with being a certified nutrition specialist, I am also extremely proud to be a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  This allows me to use lab testing involving just saliva, which can uncover specific metabolic and physiological traits of our clients.

Our testing process is where we find a client’s nutritional blueprint, and with that we can rebuild their metabolism through specific eating plans in order to meet their goals. Nutrition coaching without this detailed investigative work is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.* Results may vary upon the individual.

While undergoing nutritional coaching with us you will learn how optimal eating for your specific body type and metabolism can have a dramatic affect on:* Results may vary upon the individual.

  • Human Performance*
  • Body Fat*
  • Lean Muscle Mass*
  • Hormonal Balance*
  • Depression*
  • Disease Prevention*

This very personal experience is life changing and includes bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions, progress tracking with hydrostatic body fat testing, saliva lab testing for metabolic and hormonal insufficiencies, and customized meal planning.* One of my core values as a nutrition coach is helping each client achieve “metabolic flexibility”.* Results may vary upon the individual. People are either too restrictive or not restrictive enough.
I seek metabolic balance and flexibility for every client I work with. In the beginning, I may start a client out with a meal plan that entails limiting certain foods in order to assess how one reacts to particular food combinations, but then I slowly reintroduce certain foods into their daily eating regimen until I have created the ability to eat a wide variety of foods and nutrient combinations and still maintain a healthy body composition. As a client's metabolism gradually improves, the "meal plan" turns into a "meal guide".*

A meal plan should only be used as a tool in the beginning, but if utilized for too long it can become a crutch or an obstacle for body change and eventually leads to a inflexible metabolism.*  Typical meal plans hinder metabolic flexibility and there is very little room for error in order to maintain a healthy body composition.*  My clients start out with a meal plan but finish with a personalized "meal guide" that allows for long lasting success.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Services included with Nutrition Coaching:

  • Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing
  •  Lab Testing (Hormone, Immune, Energy Metabolism, Digestion and Detoxification)
  • Bi-Weekly 45 minute phone/skype/ or in person coaching sessions
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency Testing and Supplementation protocol (If needed)
  • Customized Nutrition Meal Planning
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (If needed)
  • Gluten Sensitivity Testing (if needed)


Our Specialities are made up of 5 key areas:


1) Body Fat Reduction/Lean Muscle Gain:

This program is for anyone who is looking to add quality lean muscle and lose stubborn body fat.* This program is also for anyone who wants to look good in a bathing suit, or achieve that “six pack” they have always wanted, or get lean for their wedding day.* If you qualify for this program we will get you to your goal.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Here Is What It can Do For You* Results may vary upon the individual.

  • low Body fat levels.*
  • Increased Muscle definition and Symmetry*
  • Improved Metabolism*
  • Improved Understanding of Nutrition*
  • Improved Self Esteem and Gratification* (It takes tremendous dedication and precision to achieve a lean sculpted physique and feels amazing once it is accomplished)*

2) Obesity/Extreme Fat Loss

This program is for anyone who has been struggling to lose weight along and a healthy body composition, and is looking for a program that is more personalized.* Whether you desire fat loss, every person’s body is different and reaching your personal weight loss goals means following a program that is right for you.* First we must identify the individual’s characteristics of your body and then design a program accordingly.* Results may vary upon the individual.

In order to do this we put our clientele through a detailed screening process. What works for one client might not work for another.* So in short this program is for the truly frustrated overweight people out there who are ready to engage in a strict, life altering weight loss program that actually provides the results they have been seeking.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Here Is What It can Do For You* Results may vary upon the individual.

  • Reach and “maintain” a healthy body fat percentage.*
  • Improved Metabolism and Metabolic Flexibility*
  • Improve your overall health and fitness and combat disease*
  • Self-Awareness (A journey of this magnitude can be life changing and one usually discovers a better sense of who they truly are throughout the process)*
  • Increased energy levels*
  • Learn to stick to it! Sticking with a well-intentioned nutrition plan is the biggest challenge exercisers face*
  • Learn the right way to eat for your body type and metabolic type* Results may vary upon the individual.

3) Holistic Health and Disease Prevention (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition)

This program is for anyone who is sick and tired of chasing symptoms for health problems and stress related disorders and is looking to find the root cause of their health crisis. I work at the subclinical level by employing the appropriate functional lab work, for which I am able to help them achieve consistent improvements to many health problems.* Results may vary upon the individual. The western medical model’s primarily focus is alleviating symptoms and prescribing drugs.  As a Holistic Practitioner, I am trained to search for underlying causes of health problems and then use natural methods to restore optimal health.*

Examples of Chronic Symptoms and Stress Related Disorders I work with:

  • Inflammation/Pain
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  •  Bacterial Imbalances
  •  Autoimmune Conditions (Hashimotos Disease, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Crohns Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  •  Acid Reflux
  • Insomnia
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Skin rashes/Allergies

Here is what it can Do For You*

  •  Regain energy without the excess use of caffeine or energy drinks* Results may vary upon the individual.
  • Learn how to eliminate symptoms such as pain, inflammation and anxiety by discovering and addressing the root cause of dysfunction and disease in the body.*
  • Learn a model of self-care, which is a step-by-step method to restoring and maintaining health*
  • Restoring the pillars of health can lead to vibrant health and vitality you have not experienced in years* Results may vary upon the individual.

4) Sports Nutrition

This program is for athletes looking to optimize human performance. Nutrition is extremely important for athletes and can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you are training for a endurance event such as a marathon/Spartan race or you are training for a strength event as in a power lifting contest, I have the tools to help you perform at your peak state.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Here are some examples of Sports Nutrition Coaching:

  • Pre- and Post- Competition Eating: We will discuss how and what to eat before, during, and after competition as well as on the road.(Spartan Race, Marathon, Ultra-marathon, Triathlon, Cycling)
  • Body Fat Reduction: We will discuss your optimal body fat percentage for your sport, how your current eating habits affect your body fat, and what changes need to be made to achieve your goals.* Results may vary upon the individual.
  • Lean Body Mass Increases: Gaining lean muscles mass is different than gaining overall weight. We will discuss how to change your eating in order to increase your lean body mass while keeping your body fat at an optimal level.*
  • Supplement Use Counseling: Supplements are meant to be just that- supplemental. After reviewing your current eating habits we will discuss different supplemental options that may help you reach your goals.* We will counsel you on safety, efficacy and legality of supplemental use if needed.
  • Injury Rehab: Science has proven that certain macro- and micro- nutrients are needed to help you heal from injury- whether that injury is a simple sprain or one that requires surgery. We will discuss what foods you will need to incorporate into your eating habits both before and after your surgery to help you get back to training as quick as possible.* Results may vary upon the individual.

5) Pre-Post Partum Nutrition

This program is for those who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or those having difficulty after giving birth. As a holistic practitioner, I have an exceptional understanding of the hormonal system especially as it pertains to pregnancy. Western medicine puts very little value on nutrition during pregnancy or for those trying to conceive.

I teach the fundamentals of nutrition for pregnancy and basic nutrient requirements needed to make sure the baby gets all the brain building nutrients he/she needs to grow optimally.* Results may vary upon the individual. By no means do I restrict food during pregnancy, I just teach appropriate nutrient requirements that western medicine fails to provide.

Here is what it can do for you:* Results may vary upon the individual.

Helps women prevent health problems during pregnancy* Results may vary upon the individual.

  • Learn what foods are unsafe during pregnancy
  • Learn what foods/nutrients are most optimal during pregnancy*
  • Gestational Diabetes: customized meal planning to control blood sugar levels during pregnancy
  • Restore hormones balance after pregnancy and assist metabolism back to health* Results may vary upon the individual.