Hydrostatic body fat testing, or underwater weighing, is the immersion of the body in water to get the most precise measurement of body fat percentage and is referred to as the Gold Standard, or method by which all other methods of body fat testing measure their own accuracy.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Based on the Archimedes Principle, hydrostatic testing is a more exact measurement of tracking body composition because body fat floats while lean mass sinks, giving you a more accurate measurement than traditional testing methods.* Results may vary upon the individual.

The human body is composed of metabolically active “lean” tissues like bone, muscle, internal organs, water, and adipose tissue (i.e. fat tissue).  From both a health and cosmetic standpoints, the relative amount of adipose tissue in your body is a concern.* Results may vary upon the individual.


Traditional scale weight cannot determine how much muscle or fat you have. When working out, especially with weight training, a traditional scale may not show the kinds of results that you might be expecting. This can be caused by muscle gain and fat loss canceling each other out.

A body fat test can show your progress much more effectively and realistically.* You’ll be able to track how much muscle you’ve gained and how much fat you’ve lost, which is much more encouraging.*  And once your results are given I then will work with you create a reasonable goal in order to reduce body fat percentage and/or gain lean mass.* Results may vary upon the individual.

In order to lose body fat and maintain or increase lean mass, it requires the incorporation of Nutritional Education, Behavior Modification, and the understanding of how the body uses and metabolizes carbohydrates, fats and proteins.* I find most need help in these areas and I have the expertise to assist you.* Results may vary upon the individual.

Anybody can conduct a hydrostatic test on a person, but not just anybody can offer the nutritional facet of the equation that I offer to achieve optimal body composition.* Results may vary upon the individual.