NAME: Justin Mulligan

POSITION: Personal TrainerNutritionistHolistic Practitioner, Owner & Founder of Human Rebuild Fitness & Wellness

QUALIFICATIONS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, FDN Practitioner(Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist), and AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

LOCATION: San Diego, California


My name is Justin Mulligan and I am a personal fitness trainer, nutritionist, fat-loss specialist, holistic health practitioner, and have spent the last 15 years working in the field of health and fitness. Before making health and fitness my profession, I spent my teenage years hacking my own biochemistry and physique to become the man I am today.

I was always fascinated by bodybuilding and the ability to exercise a particular muscle and watch it change and grow. I understood at an early age that exercise alone would not be enough to see the real results I was after, so nutrition would become my primary focus and once I honed in on it my body started to dramatically change.  I was blessed with an older brother that guided me with books about nutrition and exercise and I spent endless hours reading as much as I could about exercise and nutrition.  Eventually I transformed from a string bean teenager to the athletic build I am today.


It wasn’t easy and took a lot of hard work and dedication and without that experience I wouldn’t be where I am today as a health and fitness coach.  I am proud of what I accomplished with my own health, but I wasn’t going to be truly satisfied until I could help others do the same.

My own unique experience allows me to relate to clients whom are seeking a remarkable transformation of their own, which is why I specialize in transforming clients both physically and physiologically.* (Just check out the transformations in the testimonial section to see for yourself)*  Transformations come in various forms and range from a type 2 diabetic looking to improve their health to someone seeking to lose fat and gain muscle.*

Each goal requires a health coach that believes it is possible and has the blueprint to get you there.*  Each person I meet has a story behind their health issues, and I seek to change the story for good!* I believe people are capable of extraordinary things and this belief elevates my standards of my clientele through the roof.* Oftentimes you are a reflection of the people you surround yourself with and if you choose to train with a personal trainer with average standards and expectations, then you will be left with average results.*

Since becoming a personal trainer 15 years ago, I have continued to broaden my range of knowledge.  In 2009, I joined forces with a friend, who is also a health professional, to open up a wellness center in San Diego called Rawmana Fitness.  My business partner Siaosi Veimau, and I helped make it one of the most reputable fitness centers is San Diego and we were known for the results our clients obtained along with our attention to detail.  It was the first of it’s kind in San Diego and since then people have used our blueprint to open up similar facilities.


We specialized in scientific fitness testing, in combination with personal training and nutrition counseling, such as;

  • Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing
  • VO2 Max Testing
  • Resting Metabolic Testing

It was at this time that I began my metamorphosis from a personal trainer into nutrition counselor/health coach.  I thrived in this environment and working with clients to help improve their nutrition habits and health rather than just coaching them one on one through exercise, as I had done as a personal trainer for so many years.*

Now with the extra focus put into nutrition along with state of the art fitness testing, I knew there wasn’t a person I couldn’t help achieve their health and fitness goals.* I worked with a wide range of clientele from a 45 year old female Crossfit Athlete preparing for a competition, to a 25 year old obese client seeking to lose weight in order to live a health life.

Fitness takes various forms and my broad range of clientele is something I take pride in as a fitness coach.  But something was still missing in my education and I would still occasionally get clients, especially female clients, who didn’t fit the mold and regardless of the nutrition plan and exercise, I still could not help them lose a sufficient amount of body fat nor maintain any sort of normalcy nutritionally.  These clients would always be hungry and I knew then that it wasn’t just about calories and macronutrients.


I needed more education about hormone imbalances and thyroid health in regards to the female body so I decided to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner, which is a holistic nutrition program that specializes in the health as it relates to the hormonal system, adrenal glands, immune system, digestive system, and gut health.  It opened me up to the negative effects excessive stress can have on weight loss and health and it’s affect on hormone production and metabolism.

This education equipped me with the tools to perform lab testing on clients who failed to respond to traditional nutrition and exercise plans.  Now I am the owner of Human Rebuild Fitness and Wellness where my main objective was to combine my personal training, nutrition coaching, scientific fitness testing professional, and diagnostic lab work specialist, in order to form the ultimate health coaching experience for my clients.*

Hacking the human body in order to reach it’s fullest potential is my trademark, and it is a passion of mine that continues to evolve with each and every client I work with.*

Personally I like to practice what I preach and that includes eating healthy for my body-type and metabolic-type, exercising in various fashions and continuing to challenge myself physically and mentally.  There is nothing worse than a trainer that doesn’t practice healthy eating habits or isn’t in prime condition physically.  Remember, if their standards for themselves isn’t very high, then how high will they be for you?

These values are important to me as a health coach and I maintain a high level of health and conditioning for myself but also as a model to for others I work with.  I also have a passion for athletics and strive to maintain an athletic physique and refuse to me a gym rat that cannot run or jump.  I strive to do it all in regards to health and fitness and continue to learn and challenge myself daily just as my clients do.

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