What is Human Rebuild?

Rebuild: (verb)
: to make important improvements or changes in something.
: to build something again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

Human Rebuild is a San Diego based results-driven fat loss, natural health and personal training company that uses science based methodology to hack the human body to achieve extraordinary, long lasting results. *Results may vary upon the individual.

The hallmark of my work is my investigative approach to achieving optimal health, and seeing each and every client I meet as the first of his/her kind; with a unique biochemical makeup and physical characteristics. My results based methodology employs the strategies of functional fitness and nutrition, which resets your body at the cellular level to work the way it was always meant to.

My unique skills in combination with my access to science-based testing body composition equipment, and lab testing, enables me to design nutrition and exercise protocol that fits the individual, rather than forcing the individual to fit into a particular program.

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Michele R.
Michele R.
2019-02-27 16:27:31
7 months ago, I had had enough. I realized that my health was on a downward trajectory and I had to do something about it. I felt sluggish and had brain... read more
Yesenia M.
Yesenia M.
2018-11-26 14:19:19
Justin is an incredible nutritionist, trainer and mentor! I cannot stress that enough. Meeting him a few months after moving to San Diego has made a huge... read more
Brett P.
Brett P.
2018-10-25 19:28:53
Where do I start? Justin and Human Rebuild have started to change my life in an extremely positive way. After a visit from my doctor, my levels, weight,... read more

The title Human Rebuild is base on my philosophy of treating each individual I meet as the first of his/her kind, and as unique as they’re individual DNA. The word “Body” just accentuates the physical aspect of a person, but the word “Human” encompasses the entire being as a whole; The Body, Mind, and Spirit!


All fat-loss goals begin with great expectations but usually end in frustration and failure.
Why do 95% of Americans who attempt a diet fail within the first 7 days? Why do up to 90% of people fail at their New Year’s resolution fitness and weight loss goals by the end of the year? These are important questions that people attempting to adopt a healthy lifestyle or create a physical transformation may want to ask themselves. I employ failure proof strategies for all my personal training clients that lead to dramatic results both physically and mentally.* Results may vary upon the individual. Below are a few more questions followed by some of my core values I use to create long lasting success with all the personal training and nutrition clients I work with.

How Many Times Have You Started That Great New Diet Or Fad Fitness Regime Only To Stop After A Few Days or Weeks?

Studies show that two key factors determine probability of success when embarking on any given fitness and health goal; ACCOUNTABILITY AND INCENTIVES. These two key components are create motivation and are often underestimated when beginning a fat- loss exercise regimen and as a fitness coach I take them very seriously. The mental game-plan is more important than the physical goals, because after all the body will always follow what the mind tells it. Failure is inevitable for most when proper focus is not set on the mental aspect of the game-plan to reach your health and fitness goals. As human beings we break commitments to ourselves regularly, so hiring a health and fitness coach takes care of this problem.*


Having ACCOUNTABILITY and a set appointment with a personal trainer can give you just the push you need to get to the gym, even if you are not motivated on a given day. My goal is to make health and fitness habitual for my clients, but it takes time to create habits and WILL POWER can only take people so far. Let me supply the right motivational techniques needed to achieve the body you have always wanted and the health you long for. I have years of experience taking hundreds of clients on successful health and fitness journeys and my biggest strength is the ability to continuously establish new goals and raise standards to see them reach their fullest potential. So what are you waiting for? Lets go!

Would You Like To Transform Your Body And Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle While Still Maintaining A Social Life?

What is the definition of healthy living? Most people associate health living with EXTREMES such as; completely avoiding processed sugar, living 100% gluten-free, eating organic only and exercising 5-7 days per week just to name a few. While I do agree there are certain foods and drinks that should be avoided to maintain optimal health, I do not believe that healthy living should be defined by EXTREMISM. In my opinion, healthy living should be defined by BALANCE. Balance physically, emotionally and mentally. Balance is key to not only obtaining the body and health you desire, but more importantly it is a necessary component in retaining it for a lifetime. Who says you can't have a weekend night out with friend and still maintain consistent and steady fat loss? It is easy to be extreme in regards to nutrition and you choices are simple because you don’t get many. When you are out with friends you don’t go near anything deemed UNHEALTHY, you politely tell them you are “on a diet”. But this approach is flawed in many ways.

It is much more difficult to have balance and occasionally eat some unhealthy foods/drinks since it requires more decision making skill and knowledge of one’s own unique metabolism to know which unhealthy food to choose from and how much of it to eat or drink without negatively affecting their health. I teach people how to live with METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY, which allows my clients more freedom to enjoy a normal social life without feeling tremendous guilt after a night out with friends. Teaching this is no easy task and it takes tremendous investigative work on my end to uncover metabolic tendencies of each client before creating the proper balance between exercise, nutrition and social life. My ability to work with each client’s unique metabolism and biochemistry allows me to discover the proper boundaries to set nutritionally my clients are eventually able to let loose every now and then, while still maintaining steady fat loss and health.* Stop focusing on all the nutrition and exercise dogma that floods the Internet and discover a life that entails living healthy and happy. Healthy doesn't have to be so rigid and strict, with the my guidance I can show you how to have it all; the overall health and well being you desire, the body you have always wanted, and lastly a normal social life. Extremes are easy, strive for balance!*

Are You STILL Measuring Progress With The Use Of A Traditional Scale?

“What gets measured gets managed” is a quote I use a lot with my personal training clients. Having the proper tools to measure progress is extremely important when striving for the body you have always wanted. Without the right tools to adequately measure your progress one can easily lose motivation. Using a traditional scale to track progress is a stone-aged approach and is outdated. I use a wide array of tools to measure progress with clients such as HYDROSTATIC BODY-FAT TESTING, DEXA-SCAN, VO2 MAX TESTING, SALIVA HORMONE METABOLIC TESTING, GUT HEALTH TESTING, GLUTEN ALLERGY/TOLERANCE TESTING AND MINERAL DEFICIENCY TESTING. Most people are unsure of the ideal body weight or composition that is right for them, and without this knowledge their goal becomes unrealistic or incomplete.

An incomplete goal is a one-way ticket to failure. Setting failure-proof goals is very important. With the ability to measure the body inside and out, I am able to show you what your ideal “body comp” is rather than what an ideal “scale weight” is. Does scale weight matter? Sure it does, but only if it correlates with the right amount of fat/muscle ratio. Without the right ways to measure progress, motivation can quickly vanish making it impossible to reach your health and fitness goals. MEASUREMENT=MOTIVATION!!

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